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Total Dreamer Uncensored - Episode 123 - Oct 7, 2017 - Full Episode

Arthur tells Eliza that she will be living with him in Paris for a year as a part of her contract, but instead of jumping with joy Eliza looks tensed. Eliza speaks to Jermano about Pairs and seeks his opinion on the same. Dino makes Carlinos rob money for him and everyone thinks it’s the staff from the café doing it. Jonatas loses his mind when he comes to know about Eliza’s plan. Everybody advices her to take up this opportunity as it would prove to be an asset to her career. Casandra accidentally spills the news of Lily’s pregnancy in front of everyone including Raphael. Carol’s store with restored and used clothes has a grand opening and there is an unexpected guest who comes to support Carol.. Will the guest’s support shock Carol?

Serial: Total Dreamer UNCENSORED
Telecast Date: 1st November 2017
Episode Number: 123
Available on: