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Descendants Of The Sun Uncensored - Episode 19 - Sept 4, 2017 - Full Episode

Dae-young warns Shi-jin that Mo-yeon is approaching the ward room and the two of them pretend to be innocent when Mo-yeon enters the room. However, Mo-yeon understands that Shi-jin had left the ward in her absence. She storms out of the ward angrily and later comes across Myung-Ju, who is here to see Shi-jin. She enters the ward and there Shi-jin tries to get Dae-young and Myung-ju to patch up but he fails. Later, he questions Dae-young about the reason behind their decision to break up with each other. Dae-young finally reveals that he has decided to leave the army and that he has already submitted an application for the same.

Serial: Descendants Of The Sun Uncensored
Telecast Date: 4th September 2017
Episode Number: 19
Available on: